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Before digging into turkey dinner on Thanksgiving Sunday Megan was thrilled to be invited for a floatplane tour of Broughton Strait.  Along with neighbours Cherel & John and guests visiting from Vancouver Megan flew for an hour over the big islands Malcolm and Cormorant as well as hundreds of smaller islands in the archipelago.  Here’s a great shot overlooking Port McNeill with the harbour and Beach Drive at the top.  It’s such an interesting perspective looking at our little town fom way up in the sky.

The next day we traveled to Victoria – one of my favourite cities.  We stayed at a lovely old hotel overlooking the inner harbour just a block away from the legislative building and the Royal BC Museum.  I was extremely lucky to visit the Titanic exhibit at the museum.  It’s been 95 years since the Titanic sank and it was fascinating to see luggage & documents, money, chandeliers, dishes and parts of the ship brought up from the depths of the ocean and so carefully preserved.  Each visitor was given a boarding pass when entering the exhibit – mine was for a 26-year-old woman who was traveling 3rd class with 2 small children to meet her husband in the US.  Sadly they didn’t survive and it was quite sobering to see the huge list on the wall of the 700 who survived and the 1500 who did not.

Every morning at 9:00 at our hotel the resident ducks come to greet Joe the hotel groundskeeper.  Joe has been taking care of the ducks and their babies since construction destroyed a local pond.  The ducks decided to make the Hotel Grand Pacific their home and Joe is followed around every day by his feathered friends who are happy to eat slugs & grubs from the hotel grounds in exchange for a clean and safe pond.  Joe gave me some duck meal and I had ducks rushing up to me to peck the food out of my hand.  

After 4 days of walking, shopping, trying new restaurants and exploring it’s good to be home.  Back home to the wind & waves of fall.  Blessings from the beach…Karen


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