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The signs are all around us…it’s on the way.  Winter !!  On my list of things to do this weekend is buy a new snow shovel and a big bag of salt for the sidewalks.

A few weeks ago we experienced an 18 hour power outage.  It went out just after midnight and didn’t come back on until the day night about 7:00.  We were thankful for the wood-stove which Chris had just roaring the whole time.  We had candles burning, flashlights ready and I found our old battery operated radio so we could listen to reports on CBC of kindnesses and updates during the whole thing.  We’ve lived here more than 9 years and this was the longest outage.   The adventure lasted a bit longer at our house … when the power came back on our phone lines were dead.  No phone and no Internet for 3 days.  How odd that seemed.  We had Chris’s cell phone for outgoing calls but you don’t realize how much time you spend on the computer until you can’t use it. First thing Monday morning we were up and running … “a computer glitch” according to the phone repairman that was corrected from his office.

One thing I don’t look forward to in the winter is driving.  I’m a bit of a wimp trying to navigate in icy, snowy conditions and I’m not so comfortable driving in the dark anymore.  All part of the middle age thing … you know getting wider, greyer, can’t hear or see as well and my knees ache when I sit too long.   Chris’s 99-year-old Nana used to say Arthur (arthritis) has come for a visit. And I swear I’ve gotten shorter !!

This weekend we’re putting up Christmas lights.  I absolutely adore Christmas and am in crazy mode already … Christmas cards and family newsletter, baking, shopping & wrapping.  I’m hoping to talk my dear fella into helping me put up the tree this weekend.  That way I can justify playing Christmas music and watching all the great movies that are part of the magic for me. Every year I watch It’s a Wonderful Life, White Christmas, How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  Got ’em all !! 

On Friday we’ve got the community Christmas tree light-up with carollers & hot chocolate, Saturday is the big Christmas craft fair and then for the next few weeks we’ve got parties to attend and some “Santa” engagements. Chris makes a jolly old St. Nick and I go along as Mrs. Claus to help him read name tags. Unfortunately the Santa costume glasses aren’t prescription. It’s precious to watch little ones leap into his lap and so earnestly tell him their Christmas wishes.  May all your wishes and dreams come true !

Blessings from the beach … Karen


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Halloween is a big deal in our little town.  Stores and restaurants start decorating weeks ahead and there are parties for all ages.  Our Rotary Club decided to have dinner & a movie a few days before Halloween instead of our regular lunch meeting.  Some of the costumes were just priceless.  One couple dressed as Shrek & Princess Fiona and our president and is wife were Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth.  Wayne had never even heard of Dog before – it was his daughter’s idea.   I’m not very creative when it comes to Halloween so dug out cowboy stuff from Chris’s 50th birthday party and my friend Yvonne and I went as the Sheriff & Deputy wearing our bandanas, guns & hats.   

We enjoyed a wonderful buffet dinner but once the lights dimmed and the movie started all you could hear was the rustle of candy wrappers.  We all had baskets of Halloween treats in front of us and by the end of the movie when the lights were turned back on – it was incredible how many piles of debris there were on the tables !!  Who can say no to caramels & chocolate?  Not me !

I’m sad to say it was the first year I didn’t carved a pumpkin in probably 15 years.  I didn’t decorate either but really there wouldn’t have been much point because we only had 5 trick-or-treaters … 3 teenagers and 2 little kids.  We did get a big kick out of the little tiger who came to the door and yelled out “Happy Halloween – I’m going to eat you up!”  We had enough chips & chocolate bars for 50 kids so of course now have all that temptation to deal with.

Every year the Port McNeill Volunteer Fire Department puts on a fireworks display at the Community Hall.  There’s a huge bonfire to huddle around and the Lioness Club serves free hot chocolate and hotdogs.  The fireworks are quite good for a small town although this year the Fire Department had a hard time raising funds due to the loggers strike (now over – thank goodness).  The display was 15 minutes long which is incredible when you think that the cost is about $1000 per minute.  I’m always impressed by fireworks so oooooohhhhhhhed and aaaahhhhhhhhhhed right through to the grand finale.    

Blessings from the beach…Karen 

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