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The Port McNeill Christmas Craft Fair certainly had the right weather for the theme.  Saturday was cold with a bit of snow on the ground.  The highlight of the day for me was telling Santa how wonderful I think he is.  Some of you might recognize the jolly old fellow.  He’s a policeman most of the year but is always happy to don the suit every year for the “tea with Santa” event at the Scout Hall.   This year there were as many adults as there were children wanting their picture taken with Santa.  Hey it doesn’t hurt to tell him our secret wishes for Christmas.

A few months ago a guest of ours from Victoria left this lovely poem in our guest book.  It seems appropriate on this grey December morning.  Thanks Bruce !!  

At Water’s Edge I’m called to sea, the peaceful air – serenity

Sounds of heaven call to me, water’s edge, grey – eternity.

Grey the water, earth, shore & sky, wakes announces –  Ferry gone bye.

Peace instills my thoughts of why, North Island splendour makes me sigh.

This week I’ll be baking up a storm getting ready for our big church fundraiser the 13th annual Cookie Walk.  Our church congregation and friends of the church all donate Christmas cookies, squares, tarts and bars and we display them on a huge long table.  Then we give each customer a plastic baggie for their hand and a cardboard pop flat and they choose exactly what they want whether it’s just a few or a whole box full.  It’s such a popular event and usually all we have left is a few crumbs.  It’s perfect for people who don’t have time to bake and it’s a great way to put together an amazing assortment of goodies.  Tomorrow I’ll be baking chocolate cherry shortbread mounds….one for me….one for the Cookie Walk.

Blessings from the beach…Karen


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