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There just isn’t anyplace else I would have rather been yesterday afternoon than aboard the Naiad Explorer.  Captain Bill took a group of about a dozen of us on a 3-hour cruise of the Broughton Archipelago.  It was a beautiful sunny day but winter coats and mitts were required because the wind was raw and the sea a bit choppy in spots.  A few minutes away from the Port McNeill harbour we had a look at Orca Sand & Gravel where a huge ship was loading gravel bound for bridges and office buildings in California.  The only company that can boast it sells sand to Hawaii !!  From there we traveled around Malcolm & Cormorant Islands to have a look at Echo Bay and Pierre’s Bay where we stopped for lunch.   All of these buildings are being moved into Echo Bay next month.  We were all most impressed with the bbq — called the Weber 8 million.  It was specially constructed for pig roasts hosted regularly each summer.  

 Naiad Explorer   Pierre\'s Bay Lodge  Pierre\'s Bay Bakery & Gift Shop Little bits of west coast history Seven sea lions sunbathing...

After lunch we made our way through channels and past countless islands, saw some petroglyphs and white sandy beaches.  My favourite part of the day was watching the sea lions.  They’re so funny…and noisy and if the wind is blowing the wrong way…really smelly !!  Coming back into town after such marvelous adventures we were a group of windblown but happy sailors.  I was thrilled to have the chance to enjoy our own backyard on a perfect North Island day.  Blessings from the beach… 


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I absolutely love spring especially on a day like today.  It’s sprinkling rain but the sun is shining and we have lots of windows open to let in sweet fresh air and I can hear birds chirping their happy spring songs.  The bushes in our little garden all have buds and the primulas are showing their vibrant yellows, oranges and reds that add a cheerful hello.  Yesterday I was given a parsley plant –not sure where I’ll put it but look forward to using it in soups & dressing for my favourite meal of all time turkey dinner.  I’ve also got some forsythia branches in a big vase — I’m patiently waiting for them to start sprouting roots so I can plant them outside. 

They were part of this  beautiful bouquet and it would be great to have it carry on outside.  I also have all my fingers crossed that our small lilac bush will bloom this year.  It was given to us as a housewarming gift 4 years ago and so far no blooms — I know they take a while.  I am quite hopeless as a gardener but love to wander past all the plants to see how they’re coming along.  On May long weekend I’ll fill all our pots with soil and summer plants for the tables in front of the guest suites.  A bit of colour for guests to enjoy as they sit on the deck.  I’m also thinking about planting some green onions and grape tomatoes out front this year where it’s protected and warm.   I think I’ll see if I can get “Gardening for Dummies” from the library or ask my Dad who’s been gardening all his life.  We composted all last summer so it will be great to work some of that into the garden as well.

Happy spring everyone.  Blessings from the beach…



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Well we did it !!  On Saturday night at 8 pm we turned our power off along with 50 million other households & businesses around the world to be part of Earth Hour.  My brother and his family were visiting from Ontario so before it was time to switch off we went out for dinner to celebrate my sister-in-law’s birthday.  We got home just before 8:00 and while part of our group went for a walk to see how many of our neighbours were using candle power Chris stayed home to start the woodstove so it would be warm for us when we got back.  I was disappointed to see one house with all the Christmas lights on.  Apparently that fellow has decided climate change is a big scam so just to be contrary he turned everything on instead of off.  Things that make you go hmmmmm.

We spent the rest of the hour telling stories by candle-light like the one about “how your aunt and uncle met each other.”  The hour went by in a blink — it really wasn’t a problem although Chris said it’s amazing how many things beeped and buzzed when he turned all the breakers off.   And then we had umpteen clocks to reset around the house.  

A friend of ours is planning an Earth Day celebration for April 22nd.  I’ve suggested picking up garbage.  When I go for walks around town I’m disgusted by the amount of garbage everywhere — people dropping everything on the ground and sadly so much of it is recyclable.  The World Wildlife Federation has many great suggestions for reducing our carbon footprint.  My next experiment will be washing laundry in cold water.  Those of you who are trying to live a greener life please pass on your ideas & suggestions. 

Blessings from the beach…

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