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There’s an old Simon and Garfinkel song that goes, “slow down you move too fast, you got to make the morning last, just kicking down the cobble stones, looking for fun and feeling groovy.”  Go ahead and laugh – how long since you heard the word groovy??  There are a few reasons the song has been playing in my head.   First I heard a friend had thrown out her back.  This is a woman who runs her own business and sits on umpteen committees.  She’s having a hard time getting out of the fast lane but she’s hurting and doesn’t really have a choice.  Is it a sign — you know those not so very subtle ones God gives us.  The ones that usually feel like we’ve been kabonged in the head with a brick.

Then a few days after that my Dad called from Ontario to tell me he cracked a few ribs.  Helping my brother build a retaining wall Dad had worked himself too hard and was more tired than he realized falling into concrete blocks.  My brother lives in a tiny town so Dad was whisked off by ambulance to a bigger hospital for MRI, CAT scan and ultra-sound to make sure he hadn’t damaged any organs — which luckily he hadn’t.  Sent back to my brother’s with some painkillers and an admonition to SLOW DOWN what does Dad do.  Sits quietly reading and watching TV for one whole day before going for a one hour walk the next.  He says he’s okay when sitting or lying down but hurts all the rest of the time.  He suffers from the same living life at Mach 10 disorder.   

Why are we so obstinate when it comes to slowing down.  I’ll admit it I don’t relax well.  I guess that’s why I need the big reminders — like a kidney stone attack or pneumonia.  Think about what keeps you busy when you have a bit of spare time.  For me it’s minutae like checking my email…again, emptying the dishwasher or throwing in a load of laundry.  Because the b&b keeps us so busy in the summer we don’t get days off so I take moments off.  Rare and exquisite moments watering the garden and enjoying the flowers or walking down to the beach to see what’s washed up recently and one of my favourite is taking a cup of tea down to the beach at the end of a long day to watch the world unfold.  Things that slow me down for just a brief few moments.


There seems to be an abundance of wildlife this year.  There was a grizzly bear spotted on Malcolm Island which lies directly across from Port McNeill.  The same bear is apparently now out at Cluxewe Resort about 10 minutes west of here.  This week we’ve spotted seals, a sea lion, otters, eagles and herons from the beach.  I haven’t seen any black bears this week but I’ve sure heard them crashing around in the brush across the street from us as they look for berries.  The exciting news though is the resident orcas are back — another link in the amazing north island cycle of life.  Blessings from the beach…


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I have so much to be thankful for.  It starts with a morning ritual of drinking my first cup of tea standing at the window.  No matter what the weather or time of year it’s fascinating to watch the boat and wildlife traffic from our piece of the beach.  I’m thankful for the incredible beauty of this place !!

Last week it was an absolute thrill to help celebrate Chris’s Nana’s 100th birthday.  Alma Grace was born in 1908.  Doing some research for his Master of Ceremonies speech Chris found out that in 1908 there were only 30 people living in Las Vegas.  Women washed their hair once a month with egg yolks and there were drive by shootings in the west using horse & buggy.  Nana has lived through 2 world wars, the depression & countless medical and technological advances. Bless her heart we’re not sure if she knew who any of us were but she sure enjoyed the festivities and all the fuss.  

 Letter from the QueenHere is Nana reading a letter of congratulations from the Queen.  We had all our crossables crossed because it hadn’t arrived 2 weeks before the party — we thought we’d have to create a forgery because Nana was determined to make her 100th to receive that letter.  She also received letters from the MLA, MP, Prime Minister & Governor General as well as from the BC Tel pension trustees which made us all laugh.  Nana has been collecting a pension for 35 years.  Go Nana !!

Nana & Teddy

Nana & Teddy

Here is my favourite picture of the afternoon with Nana & Teddy.  Chris has been buying his Nana teddy bears for years.  This one seems to have passed the  squish test and bum squeeze.  I’m sure Teddy will be very happy with all his  brothers & sisters in Nana’s room. 
Leaving the b&b in the very capable hands of dear friend & inn-sitter Jennie we were able to spend time with family from Ontario and Vancouver.  I laughed so hard my head hurt !!  Amazing what stories were told by Chris’s sisters and cousins.  I’m not sure what the statute of limitations is on spankings but it’s probably a good thing Chris’s Dad went to bed early.  We’ve all decided that we won’t wait for another big family event to get together again and are planning a houseboat trip in 2010.  Some motivational speaker once said “if you believe it you can achieve it.”  I’m hopeful we can organize 5 families in 2 provinces to spend a week on a houseboat. 
Yesterday morning I received a call from my Aunt Josie in Ontario with incredible news.  My Aunt Jill who has been though 9 false alarms waiting for a lung was in surgery for a double lung transplant.  It took a team of 4 doctors and 6 nurses 11 hours and amazingly the feisty patient was up and walking today.  After many years of living with an oxygen tank this is a real miracle.  Please include Jill in your prayers for a speedy recovery.
Hugs from the beach…

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