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I wonder how many times a day I look out the window?  Right now I’m looking out at grey skies but it’s wonderful to finally catch a glimpse of the mountains.  We haven’t seen too much of them this summer.  Actually we haven’t seen too much summer this summer 🙂  We did have a few weeks of gorgeous sunny weather back in June but since then we’ve needed gumboots and raincoats more than shorts & sunglasses. 

I sure don’t mind rain when the end result is a spectacular rainbow.  Murphy’s Law says when something incredible is happening outside the window your camera battery isn’t charged and the camera is in the closet with the wrong lens on.  After missing some incredible shots we now keep the the camera always charged up and waiting on the kitchen counter.   


This poor bedraggled gull.  Not sure what happened to him but he obviously had a very bad day.  He spent a few hours in our front yard, moved into the back yard and even had a nap on our boardwalk.  I was afraid he was dead and went out to investigate but happily he was gone.  Guess he dried himself off and decided he didn’t need the b&b anymore.

Sometimes it makes me a little defensive but mostly it makes me smile when I hear people talk about our small North Island towns as if they feel a bit sorry for us.  Sure, we only have the most incredible scenery and whales swimming by but really what is there to do here?  Okay so how often do landlubbers have the HMSC Halifax anchored in front of their house?  I was so excited to hear that there would be tours available when the Halifax was here a few weeks ago.  After arranging to go with my Dad and neighbour Cherel I called the Harbour Manager’s Office to confirm the time and found out the tours had been suddenly cancelled.  The Halifax was called away — perhaps a marine emergency.  Drat I was hoping to get my picture taken with the Captain of the ship with our house in the background. 

In a few weeks the bed & breakfast will move into a not quite so hectic winter schedule and I’m looking forward to a few adventures.  It’s time to stop looking out the window and get out into the world.  I’m determined to get over to Sointula and Alert Bay.  Newsflash for those of you who haven’t heard — Bill’s Cafe & Pool Hall in Alert Bay burnt to the ground last weekend and the bakery in Sointula is closed for good.  No more pula bread sniff sniff!!  I’m really looking forward to a floatplane sightseeing trip of our area Chris gave me for my birthday and I’ve also got a certificate for a float plane ride out of Coal Harbour to have a look at the west coast.  Those are definitely trips for a clear and low wind day.  And I have all my crossables crossed that I can squeeze in a whale watching trip before the tours end for the season.  

Blessings from the beach…


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