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This is my favourite time of year !!  I sit at the computer with the window wide open listening to hummingbirds and another of my favourites the Stellar Jays.stellar-jay-5    They are such cheeky little devils always nattering on and moving so quickly it took ages for me to get a picture of one sitting still. 

Everything is so green and lush on the North Island.  Our little garden is sprouting — the primulas have been blooming for ages.  I’m sure it’s only been a few weeks since the last snow flurries but spring flowers always soldier on.   Gardeners here are chomping at the bit and I’ve heard a few lawn mowers already — keeners !!  Growing up in Ontario I always wait until at least Mother’s Day before I do any serious gardening just in case we get another big frost.


Another nice thing about spring is gaining an hour so we can enjoy the incredible sunrises.  Thanks to Chris for this picture !!  Our camera is always ready on the counter for moments like these.   After some quiet time over the winter we’re welcoming our first international guests of the season.  In the past couple of weeks we’ve had guests from Germany and the UK.  I really enjoyed chatting with Ian & Karen about our favourite British comedies.  Monty Python came in at #1 !!  


Last weekend Richard, Jack & Brian arrived by kayak from Saltspring Island.  After 9 days of travel & camping they were looking forward to a hot shower and a bed.  The next morning Richard left his kayak here and took the bus back home but Jack & Brian repacked and off they went to Alaska!!  I kid you not — they are kayaking all the way to Alaska.  These are 2 extreme kayakers who run adventure companies for a living and train guides so they know their stuff.  Jack operates Island Escapades on Saltspring Island http://www.islandescapades.com/index.html   I was awed just watching the organized dance of loading everything but the kitchen sink into the kayaks.  

I love spring in all her moods here on the beach –the grey days are just as beautiful to me as the sunny ones.   And after some quiet time during the winter I’m excited about heading into our 6th summer season.  Blessings from the beach…


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