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007Mother’s Day was the start of a week of North Island adventures.  Since the Killer Whale Cafe opened in Telegraph Cove we’ve never missed their Mother’s Day brunch.  The sun was shining and after a delicious meal we wandered along the boardwalk to visit the whale interpretive centre.  We were happy to see Buddy the brave little dog who survived a cougar attack a few months ago right outside Stubbs Whale Watching office.  Severe injuries left Buddy blind and requiring further surgeries but owner Mary Borrowman says he’s still greeting guests at the gift shop.  

015Most of the group headed back to Port McNeill but Chris and I along with friends Gwen & Ron carried on to explore Hanuse Beach shown here as well as Beaver Cove, Ledge Point and Cluxewe Beach.  It’s amazing how the beach changes just a few miles from home.  Cluxewe is a shell collectors heaven.  It didn’t take long for Gwen and I to fill a huge bag of shells that have now been placed along the walkway leading to their oceanfront haven. 

The next day Gwen and I did some island hopping.  It was more than a year since I’d been to Sointula so was really looking forward to a day of poking around the shops and doing a bit of beachcombing.  Gwen found lots of driftwood for a Christmas gift idea she has for landlocked relatives. 

019We drove along Kaleva Road the main street and stopped often to take pictures.  This is one of my favourites — only on the North Island would a wooden sculpture be wearing gumboots !!  We visited Harmony Gardens Gallery full of original glasswork by Deb and we chatted with her husband Dan who showed us his new book of incredible photography.   Sadly we didn’t have time to do any hiking or to drive out to the Pultney Point lighthouse — that will have to wait for another trip.

DSCF0175022What we did make time for was a homemade halibut burger and fries at Burger Barn.  That’s me putting in our order !!  And while we were waiting here was our view looking over the marina to the old boathouses.  What a wonderful day.   

The next Friday I was part of a gaggle of girls off on another adventure.  This time the destination was Coal Harbour on the west coast of the island.  During World War II, the village was a bustling base for the Royal Canadian Air Force and their “flying boat” coastal reconnaissance missions.  Coal Harbour was also a whaling station until 1967.

005We were there to have a look at the Community Centre which is being dismantled after having hosted 50 years of dances & events.  Talk about recycling at its finest — friends of ours will be using some of the lovely fir floor planks for their new home down island.  


This mama black bear was happy munching away on grass along the highway.  Her cub was nearby but hiding behind a tree stump.  We’ve seen lots of bears along the highway this year but are still waiting for “our” bears on the beach down in Hoy Bay. 

On May 15th Nicole from Mackay Whalewatching phoned to tell us there was a humpback whale right out front.  For more than an hour we watched the whale breach over and over again and slap his fin.  I’m so glad we’ve got binoculars on a tripod because my arms would have worn out.  At one point I could see the ferry full of passengers enjoying the show, a floating resort coming into our marina & this enormous humpback coming up out of the water thrilling all of us.  Just another reason why we have  4 sets of binoculars at the window — we don’t want to miss the next act in the never ending adventures.  Blessings from the beach…


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