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I’ve always felt that I learn more from my guests than they do from me.  Most of our guests do quite a lot of research before visiting  BC so I learn  something new everyday.  Did you know that Port McNeill is at 51 degrees latitude, the deer that we see quite often on the beach are  black tailed deer and Alert Bay was named after the first steam vessel the HMS Alert that called in there.     


Over the past 6 summers we’ve had guests visit from around the world.  From Kathmandu to just down the highway on Vancouver Island we have been priviledged to meet people from all walks of life and all kinds of occupations. 


 Tobias the CyclistThis is Tobias from Germany on part of his year long cross Canada tour.  Working for his keep for up to a few months at a time  Tobias spent just 2  nights with us.  An impressive young man with a deep faith in God and great love of travel.  This picture was taken in Vancouver after leaving Port McNeill.   Traveling mostly by bicycle Tobias also took the train when spring weather wasn’t cooperating.  It was an honour to meet him.

I took a picture of these guests because they looked so relaxed and were  obviously enjoying 007the view from right outside their rooms.  Love the hats and see the tripod set up waiting for an eagle to fly by or maybe a whale to swim past.  Last week we had the Annau family from Alberta visiting for 4th summer in a row.  They bring their little boat so they can go fishing and crabbing.  One night we had fresh salmon for dinner thanks to Dave’s successful catch.  And thanks to neighbour Cherel who added fresh crab to our west coast feast.

We just had a group of 8 stay for the BC Day long weekend.  Some of them have stayed with us before and some were visiting us for the first time from England.  What a happy group they were – here to do some whale watching and there were hugs all around when they left.  I love my job !!  I have the best commute ever walking from the bedroom to the kitchen in the morning.  It’s the guests though that make this job my favourite one so far.  Adventurous people who are happy to be in Port McNeill on holidays.  Infectious with their enthusiasm !!

010Here is why I don’t mind getting up so early — this is just one of the incredible sunrises this summer.  This morning was so still and the water so calm and I stood at the window with my cup of tea thrilled to watch the day unfold.   Blessings from the beach…


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