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Amazing that 6 months have flown by since my last posting and Christmas is just a few days away. Am I excited? Yes say my family who have always good naturedly indulged me in Christmas craziness. And I’m not embarrassed to say the house has been decorated since the end of November. As soon as I see someone else in town with Christmas tree in the window that’s my cue to get started. Chris teases that eventually we’ll just leave it all up year round. Heyyyy that’s not a bad idea 🙂 We’ve always had a fake tree which is essential when you leave it set up as long as we do. And every year we need one more tote to pack it all up for the trip to the basement. This year I added 3 more snowmen, 2 more Santas and yards of fake boughs.

The rest of the year our decor is pretty minimalist but at Christmas every flat surface is covered. A few years ago my Mom started sending pieces to this beautiful Nativity set and because it’s too big for shelves or window sills it has a special place on the floor by the fireplace. Thanks Mom for supporting my Christmas addiction!!

Very important for me along with shopping & wrapping & parties is the music. This year my top picks are Canadian Tenors The Perfect Gift and Pavarotti’s O Holy Night. I’ve been caught a few times with the stereo cranked high and having to run to turn it down to answer the door. So far 20 Christmas CD’s and counting. I love the range from nostalgia of oldies compilations to BB King singing the blues.

The most important part of Christmas prep though has always been the movies. My all time favourite is It’s a Wonderful Life and Megan and I watch White Christmas together loving those dance sequences. Yesterday a friend and I watched Polar Express in 3-D with the special glasses. Wow it was amazing !! Next for us is the Christmas Eve service to sing carols by candlelight followed by a tour around town to oooooohhhhh and aaaaaahhhhh over all the lights.

To all my family & friends I wish you a joyous Christmas. Enjoy the crazy time and the quiet moments but most of all enjoy.

Blessings from the beach…


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