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I don’t think I’ve ever been amazed so often by the sky than I have right here. Getting up early in the morning to make breakfast for our guests makes me privy to some unbelievable sunrises. I wake up in plenty of time for a quiet cup of tea and a good gaze out the window before I start my day. Because I get up so early I don’t see as many sunsets but that suits me perfectly. I wasn’t always a morning person. When I was in college my Mom would sometimes give me a ride to school. Most mornings my first word was “bye” when I got out of the car and shut the door. These days I think I’d have to stay up most of the night to sleep in past 9:00. I know that I have full brain power in the morning — full energy — and full creativity.
Look at this glorious tree. I took the picture on a trip to Sointula last month because I couldn’t get over the sheer number and beauty of the blossoms. All the signs of spring are here !! I saw my first hummingbird of the season yesterday and this morning dozens of robins were enjoying our freshly cut grass. It must be easier to dig out the grubs or worms or whatever it is birds eat 🙂 Rumour has it (although I haven’t seen one yet) that our neighbourhood black bears are awake after their winter sleep. What a mild winter we had with only a few flurries but no real snow. It’s the “wet” coast so we had our normal winter months of sideways rain and wind. Grey day or sunshiny day — it’s all so beautiful on the beach. And now with all the trees and plants in bud and the choir of birds singing away I throw the windows open every chance I get for the fresh, crisp ocean air.

I love Victoria in the spring!! These adorable ducks live in a pond at Government House where the Lieutenant Governor lives. Incredible that just a few moments away from the city acres of beautifully landscaped gardens are open to the public year round. Megan, my Mom and I also visited Craigdarroch Castle which had been on my “to see” list for year. It’s a very small and new castle by European standards but pretty impressive for BC. I sure enjoyed the 3 generation bonding and managed to hold my own surrounded by 2 girls who were born to shop. My favourite purchase is a floral tea pot from Murchies. These days we’re getting ready for another summer season of b&b guests from around the world and looking forward to whatever coastal adventures come our way.
Blessings from the beach…


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