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The plan was simple really. Unless it was pouring rain Megan and I were determined to hike to San Josef Bay on the west coast. And that’s what we did last Monday. Taking the loggers mantra to be prepared very seriously we packed snacks and a lunch, extra socks, camera, kleenex, water…well, you get the picture. We borrowed a friend’s diesel truck and we were two giggly girls on an adventure. If you haven’t been there before it’s a long drive just to get to the parking lot. Nice paved highway of course to Port Hardy and for a few minutes on the secondary road and then it’s more than an hour on an active logging road through Holberg and on to the head of the Cape Scott trail. We had a few tense moments when logging trucks headed right for us. The logging road is narrow and these were fully loaded rigs. It is very much their road !! We only made one wrong turn into a campground before we finally came to the new parking area. We were impressed with the incredible amount of work done since we were there years ago and we happily started our trek to the beach. When we heard the waves pounding the shore we picked up our pace and and again I was awed by the miles and miles of sand. Amazingly there was not another soul in sight. Dining al fresco against a huge piece of driftwood we quickly shed shoes and socks to dig our feet into lovely warm sand. Then rolling up pant legs we ventured into the water but not for long. It didn’t matter that the sun was shining — the water was darn cold !! After writing our names in the sand and venturing over to the impressive volcanic rock formations it was time to pack up and start the journey home. What intrepid pioneers the Danish were to build homes, a church, a store and school in a beautiful but at times inhospitable climate. For us it was a perfect North Island day. One that included sunshine, one black bear, 3 huge banana slugs and 4 logging trucks. Blessings from the beach…


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