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What an incredible day we had yesterday…I just couldn’t stop looking out the window. Sunday the weather forecast predicted hurricane force winds so we knew there was a big storm brewing. And during the night we could hear the wind howling & rain hitting the house. At breakfast yesterday the wind picked up enough to rattle the windows. Apparently there were gusts of up to 100 kph. Normal for us but not for our European guests who had to arrange “plan b” scenarios to switch water based adventures over to land based. I love watching big waves hit the beach so really had a hard time cleaning rooms. During a sunny break at lunchtime Chris and I went down to the beach with the camera. The waves weren’t as dramatic as they were in the morning but the water was still pretty lumpy. Over the next few hours we watched all sorts of debris float past — wondering which logs would find their way to our piece of the beach. High wind, high tide, torrential rain, dark sky & gorgeous sunshine all in one day. Watching the news last night we were lucky not having to deal with power outages or trees down like they did further down the island. Our trees here are so used to being bent sideways by wind we don’t seem to be affected as much by storms. Can you see the rainbow in behind the fence? Just one of many during the day. Another reason we keep the camera charged up and ready on the kitchen counter. Ready to record those magic moments.
Chris has always done the yard work and gardening but since he retired he’s discovered “when you water stuff it grows”. I used to be in charge of watering the hanging baskets and they’d be dead by August. This year they were spectacular !! Keeping him company while he raked up the leaves that dared blow into the yard I spent a few minutes enjoying our little garden plot. This fuschia bush is so beautiful. It’s almost time to prune the bushes and get the garden ready for winter. Time to bring in all the lawn furniture before any of it blows away. A little bit sad that summer is over but I don’t mind wind and rain and look forward to getting at that stack of books waiting for me. And we’ve got a huge stack of wood to keep us warm this winter.
Hugs from the beach…


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