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Friends were sharing profile messages on Facebook about where they were taking the kids for spring break in March and someone mentioned staying home in Porta Back Yarda and Verandah Beach.  What’s not to like about staying home?  My own comfie bed & pillows, no worries about missed flights, sunburn or food poisoning.  So to kick off the start of spring break Megan and I went for a walk as tourists in our own town.  Image

First stop was the marina to take a picture of these brave little flowers.  It may have officially been spring but the snow and cold weather weren’t over yet.  In Porta Back Yarda we were still wearing winter coats and mitts to go to the beach.  So to keep warm our next stop was Mugz Tea & Coffee House for a hot drink.  Skinny chai tea lattes — spicy for me, sweet for Megan.  And now warmed up and full of caffeine it was time to burn off some energy. Walking is my favourite outdoor activity. Fresh air, exercise and checking out what’s going on around town. Sometimes I take my grocery cart with me and get all my errands done on foot. You get a whole new perspective on a place as a pedestrian.

After this tall leap off a park bench we wandered over to the Community Centre parking lot to have a look at the World’s Largest Burl. According to about.com a burl is ” a tree trunk infection that look like bumps or warty growths probably caused as a result of environmental injury.” Can you believe the size of this bump !! And can you just imagine the size of tree it was attached to.

Port McNeill is also home to the second largest burl in the world just a few moments away on a logging road. Come to visit us and I’ll show you on the map how to find it 🙂

Wandering towards the water away from the community hall we heard a helicopter getting ready to take off. I was glad to get an action shot as it headed off on its flying adventure.

I’ve seen Port McNeill by helicopter a few times. This year I’d really like to go up in a Grumman Goose — they’re an amphibian plane that lands on its belly. They make daily trips through the Broughton Archipelago stopping at resorts and tiny communities only accessible by water. We watch them taking off and landing from our place.

Spring flowers make my heart happy. Daffodils are the sunniest of them all. Little bits of sunshine even on rainy, grey North Island days. It was a few months ago now but many thanks to my walking partner for such a lovely mini vacation around town.
Hugs from the beach…


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