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It’s quite amazing who we meet at our bed & breakfast. The topic came up again recently, as it often does, this time with a guest from Vancouver who worked in a restaurant for 33 years. And I thought I’d served a lot of meals. We have been blessed and thoroughly entertained meeting people of all ages…from all parts of the world…each with their own incredible stories. Musicians, actors, politicians, olympians, doctors, inventors, authors, train engineers, pilots, international trade layers and a shoe repairman. Welcoming thousands of guests over the years it’s hard to remember everyone and sometimes guests are only here for one night and we don’t have enough time for in-depth conversation. But some arrive as guests and leave as friends. Thanks to Facebook & Skype we keep in touch with guests from all over the world and we’re delighted when they’re able to find their way back again. One family from California has been coming back for 5 years. We’ve got a picture of their daughter on our fridge. A couple from England has been visiting Canada for 30 years — they consider it “coming home” when they get back to Vancouver Island and we look forward to seeing them every summer.

In the spring we met an incredible young man. He’s a music VJ with Much Music — a deep philosophical thinker, who from the darkest pits of hell fighting mental health issues has found answers to the meaning of life through music and spirituality. This is a link to just one of his band’s (Purpale) You Tube videos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6X3ffFJwZI

Another guest Dr. Stella Atkins is a Professor of Computer Science at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. Stella and her team have created an UV application for Apple users. The app ties into local weather and tells you how many minutes you have before sunburn. That day it was sunny in Port McNeill with a high UV count — 7 minutes to sunburn.

This summer we also met a “felter.” Sally is an artist from Tucson, Arizona who uses felt as her medium http://www.spiritedhandsstudio.com/aboutus.html Incredibly vibrant colors of felt crafted into wall hangings, vests and hats. Another instance of a guest telling us that coming to the North Island to kayak/whalewatch/bear watch was on their bucket list. We can totally understand that 🙂

We learn so much from our guests. They’ve helped us to identify birds, they recommend the most interesting websites, tell jokes and show us pictures of their grandkids. Thanks to all the guests that have shared wonderful bits of their own lives and thanks for reminding us that we live in a truly beautiful place.
Blessings from the beach…


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