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Four or five mornings a week, when the b&b isn’t too busy I go out walking with my Dad.  Doesn’t matter what the weather conditions are off we go.  Some days we’re wearing head to toe raingear and up until about a week ago we needed hats, mitts & long johns to brave the cold winds.  But today was one of those perfect days.  Nothing but blue skies…the mountains were out in all their glory…and sunglasses were required.  2010-04-26 12.30.25Our friends who winter in Arizona and others who live in Alberta can talk all they want about about how much more sunshine they get and I know, I know it rains here a lot but on days like this everyone is smiling and outside enjoying the glorious fresh air.

Spring was here today.  Snow drops & crocuses are blooming and the daffodils aren’t far behind.  Our overgrown rosebushes need a good trim and I’ve heard a few lawnmowers fired up already.  Winter may still give us a little reminder she’s not finished yet but today I had the window open for the fresh breeze and the birds are chirping earlier every morning.

Our walk usually takes about an hour and a half.  We wander downtown dropping off library books, picking up our mail, buying a few groceries or poking our head into this store or that.  After errands are finished we head over to Subway for a coffee.  I’m not even sure how this morning tradition started but we’re regulars now.  2010-04-26 13.04.10After a few weeks of seeing the same ladies every morning we all introduced ourselves.  This is Vilma and Janette — just two of the reasons we like it here so much.  We enjoy the mellow Seattle’s Best coffee but it’s the excellent customer service that brings us back every day.  So, what a thrill it was to see Vilma, Janette & Olivia accept the Customer Service Excellence award at the Chamber of Commerce Gala on Friday night.

We sit slurping coffee for half an hour talking about what we’ve been watching on TV or read in the paper and some days I learn things about my Dad.  Today he told me about life in England after WWII and living in a the tiny village called Compton Bishop and how he went to a trade school in the next town called Axbridge.  Things that wouldn’t normally be part of our conversations.  But we’ve got time when we’re walking and taking a coffee break.  I leave the b&b business behind me and go for a walk.

2010-04-26 13.26.28These beautiful spring flowers are outside the Flower Shoppe.  One of the stores we pass by every morning.  We’ve met so many people in our travels — saying good morning to everyone we pass.  And I know that we’re regular fixtures to others who have a morning routine of their own.

It makes my heart happy to spend the hour and a half with my Dad for as many mornings as I can.  We’ll be out there again tomorrow.  We’ll be the ones talking & smiling and sauntering along and enjoying Port McNeill…one step at a time.  Hugs from the beach…


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