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Awake early this morning I was awed by the inky sky dotted with twinkling stars. I really have to take an astronomy course to figure out what I’m looking at up there 🙂 Standing at the window with my first cup of tea I watched another spectacular sunrise unfold. But it was the swirly cloud formations and sunshine that finally tempted me outside. My regular walking partner is in Ontario suffering through snow storms and frigid temperatures — so Dad this morning’s walk was for you !! Starting off with winter coat, hat & gloves it was frosty walking into town. But after filling my knapsack with groceries and mail I quickly warmed up. I’m ducking now because I know easterners will start throwing things — I ended up taking my coat off because I got too hot. Not wanting to go inside right away I stayed in the garden pruning and weeding when I got home.

Seems the foliage here is a little confused. Amazingly the mini daffodils are blooming along with primulas, crocus, heather and a friend told me rhododendrons are as well. We know we’re only one arctic blast away from morphing back to winter so I took full advantage of soaking up the sun. Seriously there are people cutting their grass this week. Everything is so lush and green and we’ve got dandelions in our yard. On Facebook we’re watching incredible videos of snowdrifts that cover windows and doorways and bury vehicles. Shades of the Blizzard of ’77 when it took weeks to clear the roads in the Niagara Peninsula.

I’m happy to watch it all from Port McNeill thanks. Where today spring came early and stayed a while. Blessings from the beach…


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