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This morning we left the badlands of Alberta (that’s the world’s tallest tipi in Medicine Hat by the way) and crossed the border into the flatlands.  We had a beautiful warm, sunny day and had to actually wear sunscreen after many days of cloud.  Our first stop was Grandma’s Home Cooking Cafe for breakfast.  Homemade bread, bacon, eggs and pan-fried potatoes and lots of hot coffee.  We wished the couple the best of luck in their new endeavour.


One song stuck in my head today was “Home on the Range.”  More cows, more ranches and trains that were more than 100 cars long.  This conductor gave me a honk when I waved which OF COURSE pleased me to no end.  After two nights of super economy motel rooms we decided to splurge for a room with more than 2 pillows and an air-conditioner that actually blows cool air.


This is Moose Jaw — not much foliage here on the prairies but lots of history.  Al Capone spent time here and looking for cold beer we found the train station has been repurposed into the liquor store.


We are not “iron butt” riders and today was about our limit of how many kilometres we want to travel in a day.  Tomorrow I get to finally see RCMP Depot in Regina where Chris got his police training.  It’s been almost 40 years since he marched in the square.  Tomorrow night we’re not sure where we’ll be — maybe Brandon, Manitoba before heading into Ontario.  We are enjoying every moment of the journey !!!


Love & hugs from the road…







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