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Impressions of South Dakota…more corn…more cows…more hayfields.  The scenery is changing as we approach the badlands.  Undulating hills and much drier as we head west on Hwy 90.  The first picture is a sculpture park that sadly we couldn’t access from the highway.  It’s most likely a gravel road on someone’s farm.


Billboards kept us entertained all day.  And I’m looking forward to visiting Wall Drug which is apparently one of the world’s most well known tourist stops.  New to us but hey it’s also our first time in South Dakota.  Wall must spend a pile of money on advertising because we started seeing the signs this morning which had to be 400 miles away from the store.  Sadly I only got a few clear pictures of their signs which advertise a bookstore/free ice water/sluicing & gem mining/homemade donuts and of course their 5 cent coffee.  It’s on the “must do” list of things to do tomorrow right after getting the bike into a Harley shop for one more tune-up.


The closer we get to Sturgis, the more bikes we pass.  The 76th annual motorcycle rally just ended so there are signs everywhere welcoming riders.   We are purposely visiting AFTER the craziness.  Sure we’d love to pick up some souvenirs and walk the downtown but without the half million visitors that swamped the little town last year.

Chris made a comment today that we’re 21st century Cowboys. I’ve been thinking about it all day.  Our hat & boots and horsepower are a bit different but we do hit the trail every day and we did eat baked beans that one time for breakfast lol. Okay we’re not herding cows or fixing fences but we’re watching cows from our front row seat on the highway.  Close enough…right??


This beautiful vista was accessible to view behind a visitor’s Centre.  You’ll notice it’s me and not Chris standing beside the sign for poisonous snakes.  Wearing heavy leather boots I figured if I saw one I’d give it a good kick.  Perhaps it’s a way to keep visitors on the sidewalk 😉 At the very least it adds stats to the annual Darwin Awards. If it said poisonous spiders or just any kind of spiders I would have turned right around and run full speed back to the bike and called it a day.


Again with the umpteen billboards we saw 1880 Town was up ahead.  It was too hot to walk through the old western town but we did stop off at the 50’s train diner for lunch.  It was a blast from childhood to have butterscotch pudding with a dollop of whipped cream on top for dessert.  Eating soup with crunched up crackers was also pretty fantastic.


It’s a very long way from one town to the next in South Dakota. I can’t imagine traveling these roads in the winter.  Remember the characters all wore parkas in the movie Fargo !!  Long cold winters on the windswept plains.  The weather today was beautiful.  Cool this morning so I dug out my leather jacket but shed a layer at each stop as the day got warmer.


It’s 30 degrees outside right now in Kadoka, South Dakota.  The front desk clerk here at America’s Best Value Inn says Kadoka is like Mayberry and sounded apologetic that the nearest Walmart is 6 hours away.  According to Wikipedia 654 people were counted in the 2010 census and there is a museum & airstrip with 2 turf runways .  We have all we need with a restaurant & bar right next door and the air-conditioner is turned as high as it will go.

Tomorrow we’re aiming for Deadwood for at least 2 nights maybe 3 to give us time to service the bike, see Mount Rushmore, stop in Sturgis and do some riding in the Black Hills.  This is bucket list stuff folks.  The trip of a lifetime and we’re grinning from ear to ear everyday…so thankful to be experiencing two big, beautiful countries.


Love & hugs from the road…


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