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On August 10th I said a teary goodbye to Helen & Neil visiting from the UK.  Arriving as guests but leaving as friends – they stayed with us before and after 2 separate kayaking trips.  And did they ever have an incredible tale to tell after their second trip !!  While relaxing at the base camp one evening one of the kayakers told the guide she thought she’d just seen a cougar.  The guide asked the woman, Neil & Helen not to alarm the rest of the group and 2 guides went off to search the area armed with pepper spray.  While the guides were gone Helen asked Neil, “I wonder if it really was a cougar the woman saw?”  Neil replied, “Yes, it was.”  Helen was curious and asked him, “how do you know.”  Neil said, “Because it just passed behind you.”  Can you imagine???  The cougar sauntered nonchalantly behind Helen and Neil knew if he said something to her she’d turn around and be eye to eye with the huge wild cat.  Now that was a close encounter.  Most people can spend their whole lives on Vancouver Island and never see one.  I don’t mind being part of that group.

Here are a few more photos from Chris’s time on the Naiad a few weeks ago.  Two eagles, orcas in a postcard setting, a family of orcas, and just a few more orcas.   I’m determined to get out on the Naiad before whale watching ends this season for a few photos of my own.  For now I’ll settle for pictures taken from here like this one of  a flock of Canadian Geese drifting by.   The geese are a reminder that summer is half over.   We’ve had a great summer so far with a few adventures just around the corner I’m sure.

Blessings from the beach…Karen


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