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We started off this morning in Ohio and quickly passed the border into Indiana but couldn’t see much the first hour through pea soup fog.  I asked Chris what he knew about Indiana and between the two of us we came up with the Indianapolis Speedway, Hoosiers football and the song “Indiana Wants Me” from the early 70’s. Yessir, that song was stuck in our head for hours afterwards.


I’m sure you’ve noticed how fascinated I am by clouds.  Constantly looking up into the sky I wonder what vehicles behind us think.  After the fog lifted we took off our raincoats and went back to sunscreen & short sleeves.  I think my arms are actually tanned which is very unusual living in the rainforest conditions of Port McNeill.


Today we decided we just couldn’t bear to eat lunch in one of the usual fast food restaurants.  After fueling up the bike we walked into PJ Fresh to have a look.  What a nice change to have a hot bowl of soup (chicken pot pie for me and tomato basil for Chris) with a meat & cheese sandwich and our new favourite drink is unsweetened ice tea.


Here’s a few of the signs we came across today.  Also at the rest area where I saw the “storm shelter” sign there was a “no weapons” sign on the front door.  Since most folks here conceal their guns I’m not sure who would comply with that request.

The Illinois plains are quite similar to the Canadian prairies — well except for the billboards, traffic and pavement that is uneven, full of potholes and downright dangerous.  For hours it was corn as far as the eye could see and then we came upon the eighth wonder of the world or at least that’s how the Shelton Discount Fireworks describe themselves.


Today was “iron butt” riding which we try not to do very often.  Hitting the road at 7:30 this morning we were both exhausted, sore and thirsty when we arrived in Galesburg Illinois late this afternoon.  Seeing the Harley dealer right across the road from the Best Western Hotel perked us up slightly.  I’m amassing quite a collection of Harley t-shirts and dealership poker chips on this trip.  One chip for my scrap booking collection and one for Chris’s “man cave.”

We think we’ll end up in Fort Dodge, tomorrow for no other reason than it’s about 400 km west and it takes us closer to Sturgis, South Dakota which is the next big stop.  We’re not in a big hurry but I think the pull of home is tugging slightly after 2 months away.


Love & hugs from the road…


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