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2015-05-17 10.01.58

This beautiful orchid sits on the windowsill in our kitchen. It thrives in spite of my “oops when did I water the flowers last?” gardening style.  Unbelievable how it keeps on blooming in that tiny shaded corner.  Pretty in pink catches my eye dozens of times a day while I’m looking out to see what’s new on the beach.  The orchid and the view both make me smile — something that happened a lot this long weekend.

2015-05-17 10.03.52

After making sure all is right with the world my morning ritual continues.  But before an egg is cracked or a piece of bacon hits the frying pan I…must…ingest…caffeine.  Tea or coffee.  Doesn’t matter,  I’m an equal opportunity caffeine fan.  I haven’t counted but there’s got to be 20 or 30 different kinds of tea in the cupboard.  Coffee however only has to be hot and strong to work for me and this morning I passed on the 1% milk and treated myself to real cream.  This whimsical mug is one of my favourites given to me by our housekeeping staff.  Ladies, thanks again — I do feel pretty fantastic for 50 something 🙂

2015-05-17 16.15.01

There was so much activity out on the water this weekend.  Fishing boats, helicopters, eagles, a cruise ship and Harry the Heron dropped in for a meal.  We have two cameras sitting on the counter always ready with batteries charged for moments like these.  This is the biggest heron we’ve seen on our beach.  Their patience and slow motion hunting maneuvers are mesmerizing.

  2015-05-17 17.01.53Sunday was perfect for a bike ride to Telegraph Cove.  Blue skies filled with marshmallow clouds and dozens of eagles soaring overhead near the sea soil plant.  Disappointingly we didn’t see any black bears and we know they’re around.  Dozens of divers took over accommodations at the cove this weekend for their annual get together.  Stepping past dozens of air tanks and wet suits we followed the smell of bbq down the boardwalk — salmon & ribs one of the specials at the Killer Whale Café.  Instead Chris and I both chose the seafood linguine which our server told us is famous.  For good reason — it was a plate of deliciousness.  Prawns, salmon, mussels and scallops mixed into the creamiest, cheesiest sauce piled onto a bed of linguine.

When we got back our b&b guests visiting from Aldergrove were excited to tell us about a whale they’d seen from our beach while we were gone.  Husband and wife traveled on their motorcycles for their first trip to the North Island but they’re looking forward to coming back with trailer and boat so they can explore the Archipelago.  Disappointed to have missed the whale show my Dad called this morning to say “look out your window there’s a whale headed your way close to shore.”  He wasn’t kidding.  Apparently this gray whale has been hanging out for a few days waiting for low tide to drag his big tongue along the beach for crabs and fish.  We definitely served up breakfast and a show this morning !!  My cup isn’t half full it’s positively overflowing !!

2015-05-18 09.06.53

 Happy long weekend to all.  Blessings from the beach…


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