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After two weeks in Ontario we packed up the bike & trailer, hugged my Mom goodbye and started the trip home.  Granted, it’s a circuitous route that is taking us south for a a few days but we’ll veer west early next week.

We passed over the Welland Canal one last time before riding into Niagara Falls to cross the border into the U.S.  Another amazingly quick crossing.  Just a few questions about where we’re headed, how long we’ll be in the States and what we’re bringing with us.  South Carolina, then home, two weeks and pretzels.

One important piece of equipment on the bike is our GPS system.  After safely guiding us across Canada and back to Ontario our faithful companion Sassy stopped working yesterday.  Thanks to Clare’s Harley dealership in Niagara-on-the-Lake they moved us to the front of the service appointments line and installed a new GPS system that is bigger and better than her predecessor.

image.jpegWith the temperature at 88 degrees along with high humidity we were glad to have frozen water bottles and Gatorade on board today.  Dark clouds provided brief moments of shade and at one point we even put our rain coats on.  Five minutes later we had blue skies so pulled over one more time and couldn’t get the coats off quickly enough.  Ewwww it was like an instant sauna.  Grove City, Pennsylvania was the perfect place for lunch and our server  recommended one of their famous sandwiches.  I had the Pitts-Burger but it should be called the Behemoth.  Burger, fries, cheese & coleslaw between two slabs of bread.  Chris had to eat his with a knife & fork.  I decided to eat it with my hands and it wasn’t pretty !!


Stopping at the Welcome Centre at the West Virginia border we reserved a room in Morgantown.  We were told it gets very busy with university students returning and Moms & Dads here to get them settled in.  We walked into our blissfully cool room and decided to stay indoors.  It’s so handy to order food online and have it delivered.  Pizza for dinner and cannelloni for dessert !! Tomorrow we’ll travel to the other end of West Virginia and one day closer to friends Gwen & Ron in Hartsville, SC.


Love & hugs from the road…


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