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It’s not a very clear picture — I actually look like an alien but this is me with my scarf right up over my nose and covering my ears from the cool air this morning. We were on the road super early to get out of Quebec City.

We see the most amazing things in our travels.  This morning a parachutist landed in a field right beside the highway.


Sassy (our GPS) was up to her usual tricks again today — I guess she thought it would be fun to send us right through Montreal.  That’s the closest to the city I’ve ever been so I was happy to see a few skyscrapers in the distance.  Chris’s skill level maneuvering traffic and countless lane changes — EXCELLENT !!


Today we really noticed the incredible number of motorcycles, campers and vehicles carrying bicycles — we’re all on the move.


Arriving in Cornwall early afternoon we booked a room at Best Western. Since the room wasn’t ready we plunked ourselves down at a table on their outdoor patio.

Sharing a baked brie appetizer as well as a deep fried appy plate to go with our cold beer we had a relaxing two hours in the shade with a lovely breeze.

Our original plan was to spend the night in Toronto tomorrow but hotel after hotel showed no room available online.  Chris called another and was told there are 6000 people attending an Alzheimer’s symposium.  All the reasonably priced rooms are gone !!  Plan B is a night in Bowmanville.

Love & hugs from the road…





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