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In our go with the flow style we decided not to venture into Regina to visit the RCMP Heritage Centre.  Chris spent more than 6 months of his life there so he certainly knows enough about it and I can read all about it online.  We realized that our plan to overnight in Brandon meant we had a lot of riding to do.  Wow, Regina has an enormous amount of roadwork going on.  We must have traveled at least 40km through a construction zone on a very hot day.  Indian Head was a good spot for a leg stretch and a few pictures.  Funny to see the Buffalo rubbing rock — I was just lamenting we never did get to see a buffalo except stuffed in a museum.


Sitting on the back of the motorcycle I have lots of time to think.  Today I was day-dreaming about my great-grandparents who emigrated to Saskatchewan from England.  Passing the beautiful fields of canola & corn I silently gave thanks to them for being brave enough to leave their family & friends to make a new life in Canada.


Here we are in Brandon, Manitoba population 46,061.  Our routine is to find a room, unload the bags, then go off into town to find a grocery store, fuel up the bike and head back to the hotel.  Tonight was another great picnic dinner with fresh baked buns, cheese and fresh fruit.  Our hotel has 2 wonderful museum pieces right outside our room and we are delighted to have a functioning air-conditioner two nights in row.


Tomorrow we are aiming for Kenora, Ontario.  Only a few more days until I get some momma hugs.


Love & hugs from the road…





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