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We woke up to thunder and lightning this morning but didn’t have to wait long for skies to brighten enough for us to don rain gear and hit the road.  Thankfully by our first stop for a leg stretch it had stopped raining.  And the temperature was infinitesimally less hot — cooler just isn’t the correct word in this climate.

Signs have been very entertaining on this trip and I mean no disrespect to the Nutter Brothers who were the first settlers in the area — the name struck my funny bone.


We crossed into Virginia this afternoon and stopped at the Welcome Centre.  A great resource with maps, free wifi, vending machines, clean bathrooms and informative staff.  And I enjoyed the free peanuts !!


We traveled through two tunnels today and I noticed that people don’t drive with their lights on here like they do at home.  Multiple signs asking motorists to turn lights on before entering the tunnels were largely ignored.

image.jpegWhytheville, Virginia was originally a strategic stop on our way to South Carolina. Driving down the Main Street we came across the intriguing looking Bolling Wilson Hotel.  Lucky for us they had a room available and it’s one of the nicest rooms we’ve had on our trip.  Population approximately 8200 and everyone is so polite asking “how are y’all doing today?”  We just love the accent here.  And for my cousin Brian the picture of Skeeters is for you.  They’ve been making hotdogs since 1935.


After spending some time in our air-conditioned room we went up to “The Perch” the hotel’s rooftop open air bar and enjoyed the view along with a cold beverage.



Making our way downstairs to “The Graze on Main” restaurant we sat on the front porch of the hotel.  I had an orange infused Virginian beer which went perfectly with bacon wrapped meatloaf and garlic mashers.  We had a lovely chat with a local couple and then we met Bill, the owner of the hotel.  All in all a very memorable day thanks to the kind folks of the Virginias.   The incredible scenery is surpassed only by your hospitality.


Tomorrow we make our way into South Carolina to spend a few days with dear friends that used to live on Vancouver Island.  I predict storytelling and much laughter.


Love & hugs from the road…








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