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A very weak internet connection at our hotel prevented me from posting on our blog last night.  Here’s a bit of info to go with the pictures I shared on Facebook.

  1. We enjoyed one more night at our hotel in Deadwood — it’s such a treat to stay somewhere for 2 nights and not have to pack everything up in the morning.
  2. Needles Highway — in the Black Hills of Custer State Park.  14 miles of sharp turns, low tunnels and impressive stone spires
  3. Iron Mountain Road — another big WOW on the motorcycle.  This road has 3 one lane tunnels, 3 pigtail bridges, 22 switchbacks, 400 bends & curves over 17 miles and two counties
  4. Mount Rushmore — as imposing and impressive as I imagined it would be.  I learned it was built by 400 workers over 14 years.
  5. Sturgis — arriving a week after the motorcycle rally is like arriving at a wedding venue after everyone’s gone.  The downtown was basically deserted and all the bits and pieces haven’t been cleaned up yet after the 76th annual rally.  We had a beer at the famous Iron Horse Saloon just to say we did.

This morning after passing Elvis in the lobby of our hotel we walked outside to feel the cold South Dakota morning.  Yikes !! It’s still August and we had to wear all our layers.  For so many weeks I whined about how HOT it was but we’ve turned a corner into much cooler temperatures.  I didn’t take nearly as many pictures today because it was just takes too long to take off gloves and carefully ease the camera out of my pocket.

I’m not sure how many minutes we were in Wyoming 😀 Looking at today’s route we just skimmed the north east corner before entering Montana.


We saw more wildlife today than our whole 2 months travel put together.  We saw about 100 antelope and some deer as well as long-horned cattle, horses and thousands of sheep & cows.  And why did the chicken cross the road?  To show the raccoon it could be done.  We have seen hundreds of dead raccoons on this trip.  Absolute raccoon carnage.

Traveling most of today on a secondary highway was great with stunning scenery and very little traffic.  Unfortunately it means very little in the way of services.  We finally found a cafe for breakfast and it was perfect.  Small little cafe full of local farmers and our server chatted us up wanting to know if we were frozen yet.  It wasn’t just cold.  It was cold and very windy.  Windy to the point of Chris having to ride on a tilt we were being buffeted so hard.


We weren’t sure how far we’d get today so didn’t book ahead.  Here we are in the lobby at Best Western Kelly Inn in Billings Montana.  The decor just oozes “western” and the staff here are lovely.  There’s a bike washing station outside so our ride is absolutely gleaming !!  I’ve done some laundry, sorted through receipts getting read to cross the border and we’re watching a bit of TV before we rest our weary but happy selves.


Tomorrow is another day of riding until we’re tired but I know we’ll still be in Montana.


Love & hugs from Billings…





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